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    What is Taskexecutionsession?

    Liam Hanninen

      I've seen Taskexecutionsession in the Operations Monitor and that it had several errors. It was an issue from a few months ago but it caught my eye because it's not a task that I can find in the QMC. The only documentation I can find about it online is that it is related to a few errors. But what is this task? Is it a temporary task created by the QMC and then removed once tasks run? Or was it implemented on a previous version and has since been removed?



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          Martin Sandin

          Hello Liam!


          A task execution session represents a single execution of a task. The QRS ExecutionSession entity is created when the task is triggered (and no session already exists) and is deleted when the task either succeeds or fails. If the task is configured so that it is retried upon failure then the execution session may involve several retries and consequently result in several ExecutionResult entities.


          I hope that helps answer your question!