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    Is a "Load Inline" the correct solution here?

    Markus Schmitt



      I have loaded several fields with sql-Select commands. There ist one field containing 3 to 8-digit numbers. From theses numbers, only the third digit from the left of each number is relevant for me, because it represents a certain location.


      My goal is to represent this information in a way that is readable for the end-user, e.g. if the third number is a 7, then the corresponding location is displayed.


      My first guess was to use a "load inline" command. I have extracted the third digit with "Mid(MUNICIPAL_KEY, 3,1)" , so that my Listbox only shows these digits. But now I am not able to use these values in a "load inline" section.I have to admit that I really don't know if that is the proper way to go...


      I hope that the explanation of the problem is understandable. Thanks in advance for any help....


      Best Regards, Markus