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    Looking for the database ABC_1.0.mdb

    Jérémie Colmant

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm looking for the database ABC_1.0.mdb in order to perform the  Data modeling for Qlik Sense.


      This database was given automatically during the installation of QlikSense Desktop 2014 (in QuickDataLoad folder).

      It is not the case anymore with the 2017 version. I can't find the database, niether the files linked to it


      I'm used to work with QlikSense at work , but i want to practice with the desktop version thanks to the "Data Modeling for Qlik senses book - november 2014 release"


      I already recieved the Excel files linked to the database ABC but i can't find the mbd files on the web.


      Does anyone have the file and could share it ?


      Thank you !