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    How to use the Load ... Extension ... syntax with R in Qlik Sense

    Florian Mayr

      Hello folks,

      i am trying to use the Load ... Extension ...syntax within the Qlik Sense Load Script (the R_BasicExample.qvf) for a table load using R-SSE. But i don't know how to use 'Extension as a token like 'From', 'Where' or 'Resident'. 

      I always get this error when i try to load the data in the script:

      Unexpected token: 'Extension', expected one of: ',', 'AutoGenerate', 'From', 'From_Field', 'Inline', 'Resident', 'Where', ...


      Error occured here:

      EchoedColumnsFromR: Load * >>>>>>Extension<<<<<< R.ScriptEvalStr('names(q) <- c("sex_echo", "pclass_echo", "survived_echo"); q;', Titanic{ sex, pclass, survived })


      I am using Qlik Sense Server September 2017 and tried it on my Qlik Sense Desktop November 2017 version as well. The R_BasicExample is running the R-Code in the Sheets.


      Have you any advise what could be wrong?


      Best regards,