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    Pie Chart with 2 Measures?

    Cinta Hofmann

      Hello everyone,


      first of all: I am so happy to have this community, because otherwise I would probably start hating my work. So, a huge thank you to everyone here who keeps answering questions and trying to help people make sense of this program. I'm having a terrible day, so I'm sorry for any unhappy sentiments towards Qlik.


      Now to my sad little problem:


      I'm working on translating a Qlik View App to Qlik Sense right now. One of the charts is a pie chart containing two measures, which, sadly but obviously, doesn't work in Qlik Sense.


      This is what the measures do:


      = num(



                  IF(Interest_Rate = 0

                       AND End_Date-1 = To_Date AND Row_Nr=1, LoanID&PartID)




      The second one just checks whether the Interest Rate is NOT 0. So it's just looking for equals vs. is different.

      I tried pasting that into a QSense pie chart dimension, but there I'm getting a random "Invalid dimension" error (isn't it great how Qlik Sense, in contrast to programs like R or Python, doesn't tell you what the problem is or where it is, just that there is one?).


      I've already looked around here and seen that people use the Aggr function to avoid..something..(?) that makes it report the 'Invalid dimension' error, but I can't get that to work either - I've seen people put in a new field at the end of the expressions, and I don't know what the specific field is supposed to be. (Like here: Aggr(If(Count(DISTINCT EMAIL) > 3, '4 and more', '3 and less'), Client) from https://community.qlik.com/thread/226408)


      I would be so grateful for some thoughts & tips as to how I can get this stupid pie chart to work!


      Thank you everyone