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    Mark custom Territory Boundary from cities on QlikMaps

    Ankit Singh

      Hi Guys,

           I need to plot Polygon(Territory Boundary) on Qlik Maps which is a combination of multiple cities. I have KML for all of these indian cities and also Lat long for each of them in a separate excel file. Now to achieve what i need i tried two approaches:


      1) Custom Polygon Properties from KML.

      Using QGIS i have created an Encoded polyline csv file(Using Encoded Polyline exporter plugin with above mentioned KML as input) and loaded the same in the Data Model. However for this to work i need a KML that has required boundary demarcations. For instance for Person A if assigned territory is city1, city2 and city 3 then KML should contain this boundary data. I don't know how to get this.

      2) Creating a PolyLine Map

      Here i am trying to pass 'LINESTRING( <94.45> <26.12> , <79.95> <20.49> )' in Boundary/Path which throws a javascript error.

      And do i use same Polygon to create HeatMaps for same Person A?


      Attaching all indian cities with Lat long.


      Thank you in advance.