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    How to do a count of a word in a table - Qlik Sense

    Elizabeth Viso



      I have a table that has a few columns that have pass or fail, at the end, I want to have a final Pass/Fail Test column showing that if all the columns contain "pass" the full test Passes if not it fails.




      I tried to count the pass or fails and that does not seem to work.  I also tried:


      =count({<Your Dimension={'Pass','Fail'}>} Your Dimension) which didn't work either. To get the pass or fail for the "30%" column I have the function: =If([Actual Load Percentage] > 30, 'Pass', 'Fail') and for the "35 mins" pass or fail I have the following function: =If([Total Duration of Test] > 35, 'Pass', 'Fail')

      Thank you!