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    Load dimensions separately in qMatrix

    Marko Zadravec



      I am working on extension, and I would like to load some data in it.

      The Qlik way by adding dimensions is super, and easy to do.


      However, there is some problems also.


      Let say I need two dimensions inside (that are not related to each other), for example dimension A and B.

      Let say dimension A has 200 items, and B has 300 items.


      My qMatrix will then have 60.000 rows, (200x300) because they are not related, so it will create n x m matrix out of it.

      But I wish to have only 500 rows.


      Is there a way, to tell qlik sense application, to give me those dimensions separately and not to make matrix out of it?


      Thank you


      Marko Zadravec