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    Average Daily Census - QlikSense

    Jon Laudner

      I am using QlikSense.

      I am trying to make an object that would show an Agency's Average Daily Census for their Residential Programs.

      My Dimensions are Facility Name and Calendar Month-Year, but I don't know how to set up the Measure.


      Sample Data:

      Facility Name          Patient#          Admission Date          Discharge Date

      A                              1                    11/20/2017                  12/12/2017

      A                              2                    11/23/2017                  1/17/2017

      A                              3                    12/3/2017                    NULL


      So for the month of December 2017 my Average Daily Census for Facility A should be



      Patient A is 12, for 12/1 through 12/12

      Patient B is 31, for 12/1 through 12/31 because they were in the Facility the whole month

      Patient C is 28, for 12/3 through 12/31 because they are still active


      This totals 71 Census Days, which then divided by 31 days in December, my Average Daily Census is 2.29.


      Thank you all for your help!