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    Pass parameters to variable containing set expression

    Buddy Bains

      In Qlik Sense 3.2.2 I'm trying to dynamically generate a set expression in order to reduce repetitive coding in my app's sheets. I've seen some examples of this but only in a QlikView context.


      Here is my set up:


      Sheet variable vSheetId is defined as:



      From another expression, I call this variable and pass the appropriate values for the App and Sheet IDs I want to look up:

      =$(vSheetId('IRL', 'Overview'))


      These values are in a data island table in my model. There are multiple combinations of these IDs that I need for different objects in my app.

      I've tried several variations on this, but none have worked. If I simply hard code the set expression instead of using the $1 and $2 parameters, everything works. For example this works: =MaxString({1<AppName={IRL}>,SheetName={Overview}}SheetId)


      Is what I'm trying to do even possible in QlikSense? If so, where am I wrong with my syntax, or is there an alternative way to do this?