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    How to filter values in a bar chart based on filtered values from a dimension

    Jorge Blat Palacios



      I am really new to Qlik and i need to filter data in order to only process that portion on a single sheet

      I can defend myself on Tableau but Qlik seems very different.


      I have created a calculated dimension called "Dimension2" with the following formula:


      if(match(left(details, 19),'DataRoam Unlimited:'), details)

      Dimension2 = If match from char 1 to 19 of "details" dimension, show the dimension value match in that same row in "details"

      I am expecting to only show as the dimension values with a match in a bar chart with the sum of a measure related to that dimension as long as it is matched based on the truncation rule of 19 characters.

      With this formula I am still getting the entire list of values of the dimension so the filtering/matching i devised is not working at all.