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    Understanding circular reference and joins

    Mohamed Ilyas Pitchai Mohamed

      Hi All

      I have difficulty in understanding circular reference (loops) in Qlik Sense (Qlik Sense Desktop 3.2 SR5)


      I have below tables that logically connects as below:

      1. Suppliers --> Purchase Orders (PO Header) --> PO Line Items (PO Details)

      2. Suppliers --> Contract Lines (Header & Detail in one view)

      3. Materials --> PO Line Items (PO Details)

      4. Materials --> Contract Lines (Header & Detail in one view)


      I'm loading below

      MasterTransaction - 1Transaction-2


      No issues with SUPLR_CD.

      But MATRL_CD is giving circular reference warning.

      If i disable/give unique name to MATRL_CD in "Contract_Lines" table, its not throwing the warning.


      I tried to split contract lines to two different tables by moving SUPLR_CD into CONTRACTS and MATRL_CD into CONTRACT_LINES but with no success.


      If I'm not specifying MATRL_CD in CONTRACT_LINES and renaming it, i dont understand how the contract lines would be picked for the selected material.


      Your help is much appreciated.