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    Qliksense server QMC + Hub open only with localhost

    Youssef Belloum

      Hi Guys, mto bmw


      I finished a fresh install on Qliksense server 3.2 SR4 with local Administrator account (synchronised persistence, full install, central node etc)


      the install finished, the services started without problems, but when i open the QMC or the hub, I put the correct creditentials, I have this:


      PLEASE NOT: I try to open HUB + QMC from the server (not from the outside)

      and the server is hosted on OVH with windows server 2012 r2




      the service don't accept or don't recognize my creditentials (for the hub and the qmc it is the same)




      If i take the reverse dns (blurred part, it is automatic, i didn't choose to use the reverse dns, i didn't even use it during the install) and replace it with localhost, the qmc and the hub open directly:





      How can i do to solve this problem ?


      even if I add the url with localhost on the browser and add it as a favorite, at the first start I have always the IMAGE 1, i should always replace the reverse dns with localhost to open the hub and the qmc..


      Can someone guide me please ?


      Thank you