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    How can i display the total time take/ avg time taken in bar chart report

    Rukhsar Kalu



      I have an EOD process that is run everyday for a number of steps, say 10 steps per day.

      i store the start_time and end_time for every step in my EOD_process table.


      i want to create a report in Qlik sense which will display the total time taken/average time taken for a step to execute a particular day.

      i am not able to achive this in my bar chart as well as line chart report.


      Can somebody help me with this?


      Query to load data –


      select STEP_NAME,




      extract( hour from (END_TIME-START_TIME) ) ||'.'||extract( minute from (END_TIME-START_TIME) ) AS "DIFF"

      from EOD_process;