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    Scalability:  Inheritance between applications (QlikSense)?

    William Christensen

      We have created several department level applications that pull unique datasets for various departments (measures vary between: patients, patient minutes, hours, days, late surgical starts, length of procedure, etc.). Our Executive team would like a dashboard which would essentially pull a few key visualizations from multiple existing applications. We could obviously copy and paste the code duplicating the loads, formulas and variables to create this effect but I know that is very poor design strategy. Not only does this create synthetic key which need to be resolved but more importantly this is a maintenance nightmare since our department apps are constantly being revised.


      If this was a small enough set of apps, we could probably use the executive dashboard as the master application for all users and handle security with section access but this is simply not practical for our situation. We have multiple users creating and modifying applications concurrently and it is just not practical. We need modularity for easier development, troubleshooting and reliability. How does one make the implementation of Qlik Sense more scalable? Even more specifically, how would you recommend we build our executive dashboard?