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    Bar chart -Indexing all values against a fixed one in dimension

    Priyash shahane

      Hey Guys,


      I am creating a bar chart and trying to achieve a relative indexing among the values in a dimension


      Schema attached


      Here I want a Bar Chart in which

      Y Axis is  Sum(Clicks)


      X Axis is : S_Name


      And the Individual Bars are : X, Y and Z (i.e.all possible values in the D_Name column)


      However instead of just Sum(Clicks) and having 3 bars per S_Name in their absolute form, I was looking for indexing X and Z based on value of Y :







      This is something I would imagine but obviously this fails to create bars for X and Z and just creates a bar for D_NAME = Y

      I tried using the AGGR function after reading online but wasn't successfull.


      Another approach I see here is crosstabing the dimensions D_NAME as a measure and then calculating across rows, but that is certainly not an option in my use case.


      Can someone help me. (Schema of Data Attached)