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    Filtering using values from another table, in expression

    Yi Xuan Chia

      Hi all,


      I currently have a main table for all my invoices, but i have 2 groups of customers, I'll name them Group A & Group B for simplicity.

      I would like to do up a bar graph showing total invoice sales for these 2 group of customers.

      They're all linked together by their customerID, below is a rough example of what the table structure is like(the actual tables contains thousands of customerIDs in Main invoice table, GroupA & GroupB):


      Main invoice table:

      customerIDInvoiceNoCustomer NameAmount$


      Group A table:

      A.customerIDA.Customer Name


      Group B table:

      B.customerIDB.Customer Name


      From my knowledge, I know that you can filter by sum({$<customerID={"1001","1003"}>} [Amount$])

      But this is only practical and applicable to small tables, what I am currently working on is a table with lots of customerIDs.

      Is there any way to filter by using another table's values?

      Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated!