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    Dynamic Filter Selection

    soundarya meenakshi

      I Have  a date filed that keeps changing according to the condition ( today and today()+15) . In Nprinting filter i need to add the all the dates .. Dynamically changing date should also be added.


      How it is possible ?

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          Darrell Tobin

          Hi Soundarya,

          Do you have a little more detail please.

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              soundarya meenakshi

              Yes Sure.. There is a custom condition Date filed in my report.. say Usage date ( it contains date for  15 days from today).


              I have a import recipient filter Say product Code A,B, etc.... I need the Product Code A details for 15 days alone .. not for the entire dates available in the report , For that i need to add the Usage date( Condition custom field) in the Nprinting filter..


              Hope i am not confusing you.

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              Ruggero Piccoli



              In Qlik NPrinting filters is not yet possible to specify a range of date. You need to create a list like the following:

              15 days.png



              Best Regards,



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                lux kim

                Work around for dynamic filter selection is creating filter value NPrinting report with respective Nprinting filter value set.


                Create a "Custom Field" in Qlik Sense data load e.g. DateGroup that has Today, last15days, completed1stpreviousquarter etc.

                Create NPrinting report "NPrinting last15days Report" add filter by selecting "Custom Field" and select value (e.g. last15days)

                For each "Custom Field" value create report a separate Nprinting Report with respective filter added.

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                  Lech Miszkiewicz

                  Just create this logic in Qlik, flag records and use flag as a filter.