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    Qlik Sense Desktop Integration with Python

    Efe Can Kılıç

      Hi everyone


      I want to ask some questions about discussion titile.


      I am going to forecast time series analysis and i can create a graph and achieve that goal via Jupyter Notebook.

      I did it via R with Advanced Analytic Tools in ARIMA Forecast but  I need to do it with Python.

      1) how can I integrate python to my qlik sense ?


      2) how can i bring my graph to qlik sense


      My python codes is in attachment.


      Thank you for your help. Best regards

      import pandas as pd
      from fbprophet import Prophet
      import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
      df = pd.read_csv('AirPassengers.csv')
      df['Month'] = pd.DatetimeIndex(df['Month'])
      df = df.rename(columns={'Month': 'ds',
         'AirPassengers': 'y'})
      my_model = Prophet(interval_width=0.95)
      future_dates = my_model.make_future_dataframe(periods=48, freq='MS')
      forecast = my_model.predict(future_dates)
      forecast[['ds', 'yhat']].tail()
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          Petter Skjolden

          You can use the feature of Qlik Sense that was introduced in Qlik Sense June 2017 called Advanced Analytics Integration. AAI has it's own forum site her on Community: Server Side Extensions (SSE)


          R and Python were the first languages that had full examples on how to integrate with. There are lots of videos and documentation on how to do it at the forum site.


          The integrations are released as open source even though the basic communication feature that ties directly into the expressions in Qlik Sense are generic (Server Side Extensions).


          Link to Github and the Python AAI: GitHub - qlik-oss/server-side-extension: A Qlik server-side extension protocol for extending the Qlik built-in expressio…


          One important thing though is that the AAI is focused on getting data integration first and foremost. So you will not find examples I believe on bringing graphs/plots over with the AAI. There shouldn't be a problem implementing it though - but it wont be out of the box.


          Anyway if the plot is something you can use the charts in Qlik Sense instead it will be easy to transfer the dataframe and do the graphing in Qlik Sense.