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    sum(Total $(Variablename)

      I am trying to use a varialbe in an expression. I am sure the syntax is correct but it does not seem to be working. Very frustrating!!!




      This variable works fine.




      This does not.


      I need to find the Total Cost of Qual as a % of the overall cost of Qual.


      The Variable is created in the book not in the script.


      count({<[Call Category]={'Fault'}>} DISTINCT CallID)*vCallCost+

      sum({<[SOP Type]={'Return'}>} [Extended Price])+

      count({<[Call Type]={'RTB - F'}>}distinct [CallID])*vRTBCost+

      sum({<type = {'Other'}>} quant * [WebPrice.Standard Cost])+

      count([New Gpid])*(vUPS+vPick)+

      sum({<type = {'Accessory'}>} quant * [WebPrice.Standard Cost])+

      sum({<type = {'Accessory'}>} quant * vPick)


      Above is the expresssion that is in the variable,


      Any help would be most appreciated.