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    Error authenticating using OneLogin SAML

    Steve Dark



      I've set up SAML using OneLogin following this video by jog :



      All seems to go through fine, right through to the point where I get the following authentication message:


      Error 400 - Bad request

      Contact your system administrator. The user cannot be authenticated by the SAML response through the following virtual proxy: onelogin


      The steps in the video all seem to mirror what I can see with my configuration, with the exception that the app SAML Test Connector (SP w/ signed assertion) does not seem to exist now.  I have used SAML Test Connector (SP w/ signed Response) in it's place.  This seemed to have the same options.


      I have also tried using the pre-canned Qlik Sense app that appears to be in OneLogin to make it work that way.  The result is the same.


      I'm not sure if firewalls are an issue, as I have my site on an Amazon AWS machine with only the bare minimum ports open.


      We are setting up OneLogin for the first time for the purpose of using it with Qlik Sense, so don't know too much about how it generally works.


      If anyone can give any pointers they would be gratefully received.




        • Re: Error authenticating using OneLogin SAML
          Steve Dark

          Found what was wrong with this in the end.  Just needed to stop thinking about it too hard!


          Set up another user and they were able to get in just fine.


          Looked at the differences between the two users, and as I created the account my user was not given a username, and I had given the new user one.


          I populated my user name and I also was able to log in.

          Fair bit of configuration and tidying up to do, but it all looks doable now.


          Hope this helps somebody else.