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    New User trying to connect to SQL getting this error

    glenn giersdorf

      Hello, I am trying to support a client of ours who is new to using Qlik. I have some very basic understanding of how it works but were having an issue with getting an SQL Server connection authenticate properly.


      They are using a watchguard firewall and I have created a SNAT rule using the external IP to allow any traffic coming in and out on ports 1433 to be forwarded directly to the SQL server's IP. I verified the TCPIP port SQL is using is 1433 as well. We filled out the Connector properly and hit test




      I verified the username and password and even used the SYSADMIN account I have and it fails. However, on this machine can open ODBC Data Sources and create an ODBC SQL connector and test it successfully. Screenshot_7.png


      I'm not sure what the issue is, but it seems it's directly tied to the QLIK website ODBC connection. Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank You.