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    Qlik Sense JS Extension createTable() does not return values

    Marko Zadravec



      I have some trouble with creating table in Qlik Sense extension.


      If I wrote:


      let object = app.createTable(dimensions,{rows:1000});

      console.log('object: ', object);



             console.log('rows: ', object.rows);

             console.log('qHyperCube: ', object.qHyperCube);


      I get

      Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 08.13.05.png

      Witch I don't understand:

      - we can see that when I print whole object I can see rows (and they are right) and qHyperCube witch has same rows inside.

      - But when I wan't to extract this information I get empty array/undefined object

      - I understand that createTable only return promise,....

      How do you do this?

      Marko Zadravec