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    Mapping issue due to same Id repetition

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks,


      Below is my script:



      Mapping LOAD Id as UP2GO_2F__mdr_TierProduct__c, 










      Applymap('Plant_Name_S',UP2GO_2F__mdr_TierProduct__c,'Null') as Plant_Name

      fcur_TotalRevenue__c as Revenue




      Doing some my revenue numbers are coming fine , but when I want to filter them based on Plant_Name , I'm getting null values.


      Looks like below is the issue:


      Some A001 is Id from Plant.qvd which is unique


      UP2GO_2F__mdr_TierProduct__c  from Revenue.qvd do have this A001 value , but it is repeating 54 times in database and that why mapping is not work as expected.


      Please help how to fix this issue, I should be able to filter Revenue by Plant_Name.


      Thanks in advance!




        • Re: Mapping issue due to same Id repetition
          Sunny Talwar

          From what I am hearing... it seems that the table where you are using ApplyMap the value repeats, but the mapping load itself only have unique value for ids, is that right? If that is true than what you have is very common and shouldn't be a cause of concern. The null might be shown because of other mis-matches such as


          1) Having different case in your two tables. For example A001 vs a001


          2) Having extra white spaces in one of the two sources