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    nprinting date formatting bug


      We have some date fields for an excel report.  Since they are numbers, we need either change the column width or use merge/center.

      We can change the width because of the detail lines below but when we use merge/center, this format gets dropped in the generated excel file.  Is this a bug ?

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          Ruggero Piccoli

          Excel Keep Source Format.png



          Did you tried to remove the "Keep source format" flag and applying the Excel formatting rules on the column?

          Another way, visible in the screenshot, could be to insert a formatting formula in the source table.


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            Matus Kelemen

            Hi Mark,

            it is not a bug - it is a known limitation

            According to November 2017 release notes:

            Keep Source Format option does not keep Excel merged cells

            Jira issue ID: OP-5545

            Excel merged cells are not supported for Qlik NPrinting tags regardless of Keep Source Format