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    Sum of cost by version

    Haidar Haj Ali

      Hello community,


      I have a little problem and I need your help.


      I have the following 2 tables:

      The first on contains:


      The N° is for the transaction. A transaction can affect multiple STOCK, ITEM. Each Item have its own version and it own QUANTITY.


      The second one contains:


      The transaction has a COST by STOCK and CATEGORY of Work provide.


      What I need is to calculate is the COST by VERSION for each STOCK which is a prorata of the total cost of the transaction taking into account the quantity of the items of the version. I consider a quantity has a fixed cost in a iteration for each stock.


      Hope I am clear in my explanation.

      You may found attached a qvf which contain the loaded data and a table that I begin to create to get Version by cost.

      And the result of what I need in the excel file "Feuil3" yellow columns. The blue columns are intermediate columns that help me create the results.

      Thanks a lot for your help.