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    What goes wrong with Jira rest connector?

    Haidar Haj Ali



      Since last Jira update, the maxResults is passed to 100 instead of 1000 earlier.

      Jira uses  offset, with startAt to identify the record where to begin, maxResults to determine how much records and  root/total for the total results in the query.


      So I am using pagination with offset to try to retrieve 558 records from jira, with 50 records each page.


      I have configured the rest connection and injected the script to load data, bellow you may found the screen shots, authentification schema is basic with a login and a password.


      The URL is a basic rest API call (I deleted the url of the server bellow).

      rest/api/latest/search?&jql=project =ANO &fields=Key,summary,fixVersions,customfield_10104,priority,customfield_10100,customfield_10103,versions,status,components,customfield_10604,issuetype,resolutiondate,created,customfield_11605,customfield_12000,customfield_12002


      My problem is that I can not get all data. In my case, the rest connector should retreive 12 pages of data. When loonking to imported data I have the impression that it load 12 time the first page.

      Do you have encouter a similar problem ?

      Any ideas?


      Thanks for your help.

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