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    Do I need to install QlikView Desktop in the Server?

      Is there any reason which makes it convenient to to install QV Desktop in the server in which I have the QV Server installed?


      I am leasing a user CAL in my desktop and and in my laptop with no issues (QV leased in both machines using just 1 User CAL).


      Yesterday I openned a QV document in the server (I was logged in with my credentials) and very extrange things started to happen. I have got the impression that trying to get 3 leases for a single user (Desktop, Laptop and Server) screwed all up.


      Can someone confirm if there is a limit in the number of computers in which the same user can lease User CAL's?


      If so, maybe is a good practice not to install de Desktop version in the QV server so there is no chance to use one of them in vane.