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    Only include figure if filter selected

    Ahmed Sidat



      Firstly, worth mentioning I'm fairly new to Qlik Sense and not that advanced a user.


      I have managed to put together a running balance formula:


      rangesum( above(

        Sum({$<[Transaction Type]={'credit'},[GL]-={'Agency'} >}([Amount]))-

          Sum({$<[Transaction Type]={'debit' },[GL]-={'Agency'} >}(-[Amount])



      and I have a row in my data for opening balance eg 10000 with a date value of 01/01/2017.However if I filter to show only 2018, the running balance stops working as it no longer includes the 10000 I had set above.


      Is there a way to set an opening balance for 01/01/2018 that is only shown if I filter to 2018 but which disappears if other years are selected?