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    Can NPrinting Cycle a Report based on a list box expression values

    David Dumas

      Note, the listbox displayed values are based on an expression:


      This below is a sample expression that displays the desired items in the listbox, based on the sheet that I am on in qlikview:


      =if(aggr($(vBridgeHours_DurationHours),[Device Name])>0,[Device Name])


      This works great, and only populates the listbox with [Device Name] items that are relevant on that sheet.


      So, while the the listbox is based on an expression, it is populated from a field in the data model, in this case :  [Device Name].

      However, I cannot simply cycle all [Device Name] items because not all devices will meet the criteria in the expression above, which, again, is based on the sheet that I am on in qlikview.