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    Urgent ** :( How to include 2/ 3 conditions in my expression

    Joey Chee

      Hi all,

      i need to find the average assessment scores base on their most recent submission for students from a university.


      1. Region = ‘Ireland ‘

      2. Most recent submission

      Meaning to say, the previous submissions before their final one wouldnt be included in the average.



      score = scores for each student for each assessment ( has diff weightage )

      date_ submitted = the submitted date in days ( numerical value ) since the start of the double

      date = final submission date in days since the start of the module


      i figured to get score from the most recent submission, I had to find max(date_submitted)<= date.

      This was what i tried:


      Avg({<region={‘Ireland’}, max(date_submitted<=date)>} score*weight/100)


      it didn’t work   pls do help me if you are able to, Thankyou so much in advance, sincerely.

      ps!! the formula to find the avg scores for my data without condition would be,

      Avg(score*weight/100)  <—— it’s the Requirement