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    How to make my load script on reduce the data for keep last 3 year data and not remove my field name = Exp ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All

      I have a issue of my QVW file more then 20 mB , when i convert to QVF , i am not allow to transfer to QVF file to cloud. in order to remove some of the data from my QVW file , i using the below 2 script :-

      !. Script below will keep last 3 year data but it will remove Exp field. ( May i know how to prevent it remove the Exp field ? )



      LOAD *

      RESIDENT sales WHERE

        Year_n > 10;

      DROP TABLES sales;

      2. Script below work fine. it can keep last 3 year data , But does not remove a lot of data. file name still more then 20 mB.



      LOAD *

      RESIDENT MasterCalendar WHERE

        year > 2010;

      DROP TABLES MasterCalendar;

      My question is how to remove those year before 2015 and keep only last 3 year data and not remove the field name Exp ?

      Paul Yeo