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    Coloring background for Nullvalue

    Daniel Sørensen



      I am having a hard time finding the answer to my question, so this question might have been answered before...


      I am using a theme for my app, and the app has a dark background in general RGB(73,73,73)
      When using tables in this app, I need to keep the NullValues, but problem is that background of NullValues is white, and that hearts my design


      So far I have tried using.


      if(Field1=null(), RGB (73,73,73), RGB (73,73,73))

      if(Field1=null(), RGB (73,73,73))

      if(IsNull(Field1), RGB (73,73,73), RGB (73,73,73))


      and so on...

      But nothing seems to work, and whatever I do, the NullValue continues to be white in the background...