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    I can not login to Partner Portal

    S H Yoon



      I became a Qlik partner this January.

      You are logged in to Qlik Site but you are not logged in to the Partner Portal.

      Please ask to login !!!






        • Re: I can not login to Partner Portal
          Peter Cammaert

          You'll need your account promoted to a partner account. You can do one of two things:


          • Contact your Qlik Partner manager and ask him/her to assign a Qlik partner account to you or promote your current account.
          • Contact Qlik Qoncierge and provide sufficient details to get your account promoted. You may also be able to reach Customer Services via qoncierge@qlik.com but I'm not sure the email channel is still operational.


          AFAIK the Qlik community will not be able to fix this for you.