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    Web Parts shown - but no qvw-file available


      Trying to get a SharePoint WWS 3.0 and QV Web Parts to work.


      So fare I have installed both - and it is possible to add a QV Web Part to a Web Application in the SharePoint, but for some reason I'm told that "QlikviewDocument not set", and no qv-document is available in the Qlikview Objext Selector.


      While installing QV Web Parts one is asked to test the QvAjaxZFP-URL, and it worked: I got an: OK.


      Some info on the set up:


      1. The QV-server and the SharePoint runs on 2 different servers.


      2. I maked the proxy-setting under the installation-proces - (thats all I have done proxy-wise)


      3. I can access user-documents ussing the ajax-client on the qv-server from the SharePoint-server - I have to login each time though, I guess since, I can't use the servername in the URL, but have to use the IP-adress.


      4: My user has a Name CAL in the qvs.


      5: With a OsUser()-test in a user-doc on the qvs I tested that is in fact the right user-info, that is sent to the qvs.


      Can anyone explain why there is no qvw-application available in the Qlikview Object Selector?


      Thanks in advance.