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    Qlik Sense: Making best use of a multinode environment

    Brian Scicluna

      Hi All,

      I am currently managing a Qlik Sense environment that I found set up prior to myself taking over. Up to a couple of weeks ago performance was okayish, but we've recently released a dashboard that uses about 9Gb of data, with some visualisations being computed with if statements (I know it's probably not the best approach but in this case unavoidable). Now users are complaining that performance is lacking. Upon checking the servers I found out that at the moment we have the daily reload running. To my surprise I found out the following:


      Central Node:



      Rim Node:

      rim node.PNG


      So evidently, the multinode environment is not properly set up! Both servers are identical (128Gb RAM and 16 core 2.30 GHz processor)


      Any suggestions as to how I could avoid this and set up proper load balancing? Ideally I'd like to have reloads running on one machine and apps on another.