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    Overwrite POST body with Qlik REST Connector

    Markus Lehtola

      I'm trying to overwrite the POST request body with Qlik Rest Connector. As in documentation the syntax is WITH CONNECTION(body "<Overwrite>") . This works great as long the body does not contain double quotes (").


      My use case sending email with sendgrid API and post body is like this:


      {"personalizations": [{

           "to": [{"email": "some@example.com"}]}],

           "from": {"email": "some@example.com"},

           "subject": "Sending with SendGrid is Fun","

           content": [{"type": "text/plain", "value": "and easy to do anywhere"}



      This works great when creating the connection with Create connection wizard, but when I try to manipulate the body in script with WITH CONNECTION (body "{newBody}") that contains double quotes the script fails.


      Is there a way to escape double quotes in the WITH CONNECTION (body "")?