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    Obtain Release Dates of Login Access?

    Tove Wiegurd



      I am looking for a way to obtain what date a bundle of (10) Login Acccess Passes will be released in Qlik Sense (pv Ideally I would like a small table in the Licence Monitor-app showing me whats future dates these tokens will be released. Is there any such feature i.e. in the QMC?


      As far as I know, Login Access Passes are released in budles of 10, 28 days after the last pass in that group of 10 is used.

      Hence, I load all UsageId (Login Access as Access Type) resident the LogContent-table in the monitoring app, using class(recno(),-1,10) to budle the passes into groups of 10 (=1 token). For each group I evaluate max date and ad 28 days, obtaining the release date for each particular group. But this does not seem to be correct... For instance, how can I take multiple logins within the same hour by the same user in consideration?


      I really hope someone can help me! I cannot possibly be the only one with this problem.