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    using 2 ADFS virtual proxies in Qlik Sense

    Amien Amien

      Anyone has experience in this Area? How did you solve it?


      i have setup an ADFS SAML connection to my Qlik Sense environment. this works fine. i can now use /adfs/hub

      But now what if i want to add another adfs? I could config it the same and use a different prefix. It will be like /adfs2/hub

      I'v also added google SAML, so this should be something similar: google/hub


      My question : it is possible to create one login environment for this? So let say i have two adfs virtual proxies configured. And instead of using /adfs1/hub and /adfs2/hub .. i just want /adfs/hub .. and both users from both adfs should be able to login.


      can Qlik Sense arrange this? what kind of software can do this? Do i need to create a trust between adfs1 and adfs2 on ADFS level?

      Thanks for sharing