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    Upgrade from QV 11.2 to November 2017 SR2

    shay raber



      recently, we have upgraded our QV server from 11.2 to November 2017 SR2.

      almost all passed successfully except few minor issues:

      1. Help text which used to appear by hovering over now need to be clicked in order to be shown - just mentioning it. non-issue

      2. Container which holds links to tabs with section access over tabs access which used to be aligned to the left (if you didn't have access to the second tab, then the second link at the container was gone and the all links were aligned to the left, and now, there is a "hole" in the container where the links leads to those tabs are prevented by section access) - can it be handled?

      3. time stamp structure for the log file has changed - hence Governance Dashboard doesn't work (v 2.0.2) can it be set to the old format?

      4. one document (only one) keeps failing while running through QMC (manually reloading through desktop application works).

      the error is also something that i see for the first time and didn't find any references here regarding it.


      2018-01-29 10:45:57 0200 Store  Shipments_Load Into [2_DW\Shipments_Load.qvd] (qvd)

      2018-01-29 10:45:57 0201 DROP Table  Shipments_Load

      2018-01-29 10:45:57      Error: Unexpected token: '(', expected one of: ',', ')', ':', 'OPERATOR_PLUS', 'OPERATOR_MINUS', 'OPERATOR_MULTIPLICATION', 'OPERATOR_DIVISION', ...

      2018-01-29 10:45:57      Execution Failed

      2018-01-29 10:45:57      Execution finished.

      any idea?


      please advice,