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    Help with Line Chart

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi all,


      i need some help getting a line chart to work as needed.

      I have a dimension of LeadTime (1-10) and a measure of Sum(Sales), i need it to be accumulated, so i am using the RangeSum function. so my full measure is..







      NoOfRows())) !


      what i want is for the measure to remain the same when a user selects a lead time. so currently, if i dont select a lead time, my chart goes to 1.6k. if i then select a lead time of 5, the chart changes to show around 750. i still want to see the 1.6k but i just want the dimension values to change to only show 0-5.

      so basically i just want the chart to zoom in on the selections but still see the original value.


      does that make sense?


      i have attached a sample QVF.