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    Web Parts - how to se the result?


      I got a QV Web Part solution to work - I guess.

      It's possible to add QV Web Part to a Website, and choosing the QVW-file and the object to be shown from the QVW-file.


      I'm new to SharePoint so the problem now is to test and see, that the qv-chart is actually shown in the Web-page.


      I have created a "shared document", which include a QV Web Part Chart.

      But when I klik the page from the Centrale Administration in the Site Hierarchy-folder: "Shared document" - I just get an empty white page not showing the Chart, as I would expect it should.


      If I choose "Edit page" I can see the Qlikview Object in the page (only with header: Qlikview Object though, not the actual chart).


      What could be the problem?

        • Web Parts - how to se the result?

          For now it seems to be a bug i Web Part v10 sr2.


          QV Support has reported it as a bug - and they looking in to it.


          Another issue in Web Part v10 sr2 is, that in setup scenerio 2:

          Box 1: SharePoint

          Box 2: QV-environment


          Issue: When running a anonymous connection Web Part creates multible connection using up more than one session CAL.


          If the 2 things are related isn't clear.