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    Qlik Sense Visualization API - How to set cell attributes

    Richard Bartley

      Hi everyone,


      Could anyone tell me how to use the setOptions method of the visualization API  (setOptions method ‒ Qlik Sense Developers) to set the attributes of a dimension?


      The following code can be used to change title, subtitle and footnote:

        title:"New title",
        subtitle:"New subtitle",
        footnote:"New footnote"


      According to the help, I should be able to set all of these properties: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/September2017/Subsystems/APIs/Content/CapabilityAPIs/VisualizationAPI/pivottable-properties.htm

      , but the example is rather simplistic and doesn't cover how to interact with the attributes.


      Thanks in advance.