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    Retrieve the dimension based on the max of measure

    Ying Guo

      Hello there,


      I have struggled with this Qlik Sense chart expression for a few days and have not figured out how to write it. Hope you can help me: )


      I have a data table concatenating data set A  - revenue and data set B - opportunity. They both have 2 common fields - customer and part_number. I created a table that has customer and part_number as dimension, and a measure for revenue. I want grab a new dimension from data set B where it corresponda to the max of another measure for the same customer and part_number (sum({<$(vSetfromB)>}$(vValuefromB)) ). So below is the expression I wrote but only got null values:

      FirstSortedValue(dim_from_B, -aggr(sum({<$(vSetfromB)>}$(vValuefromB)), customer, part_number, dim_from_B) )

      Could you let me know where is wrong? Thanks a lot!