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    Need help with accumulation formula

    Steffen Lange

      Hi Qlik-Experts!


      I need help with a certain accumulation formula.

      I have to accumulate booking amounts over the years in a pivot table. With some search in the community I found a formula which works when the last dimension in the pivot table is the booking year, but not when other dimensions are placed after the year.


      Please find a simplified sample of my problem attached. The formula I am using right now is:



      = if(rowno(),rangesum(sum(Amount  ) , above(sum(Amount) ,1,rowno())),sum( Amount ) )




      And I have problems to adapt it in a way, that it is somehow fixed to the year dimension.


      Any help is much appreciated!

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          aggregate the whole expression per Year field:



           =aggr( if(rowno(),rangesum(sum(Amount  ) , above( sum(Amount) ,1,rowno())),sum( Amount ) ) ,Year) 



          Hope that helps!


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              Steffen Lange

              Okay, works so far for aggregation over the years no matter which dimension is else in the pivot table.

              Thank you so far!


              Now I figured out I need to change  the description of the requirement a bit.

              I need to aggregate over the years but only for the dimension which come after the year.


              So if the original data looks like this:




              I would need the output like this (accumulated over the year but still a drilldown through the dimensions in the pivot)


              Year  SalesRep  Amount

              2008  Mary        100

              2009  Mary        300

              2008  Joe          500

              2009  Joe          900



              The expression from Steve gives me: