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    Apply specific values in field positions via dashboard

    João Rafael Borowski Tedeschi

      Hi all, I need some help!


      Currently I'm producing a Dashboard to the Human Resources department of my company, and the challenge is, I have "one to one" relationships (e.g. employee/salary), and I want apply a salary bonus, specific to the employee's evaluation (example: john received 10%, and jack received 15%) and this decision of the raise/bonus is going to be made by the dashboard user, so the user will have no contact with the load script .I've tried input variable boxes, but they apply the change to all the "bonuses", so I had no success...


      The objective here is to evaluate the increase in the budget as whole, get analytical data of performance.


      I do not know if made myself clear, given that the issue is complex and english is not my mother tongue. I can provide more explanations if any doubts arise.


      Thanks in advance