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    Installing Qlik Sense v4

    Aad Dijksman

      Hi community members,


      Trying to install Qlik Sense version November 2017 on a clean server (Windows server 2016). Checked .NET version (latest 4.7.1) and installed Qlik Sense, it finished succesfull. Then immideately update patch2 (from 18th of January this year), also succesfull. Then I tried to start the QMC but nothing happened .... no message, nothing, only waiting. Then I discovered that the folders /app, /log and so on were not installed (why?), so I figured out to do a repair on the Qlik Sense Installation from out of the Programs & Featues functionality of Windows. This is not possible, first I needed to uninstall the patch and then after trying to repair the Qlik Sense installation I had to wait for over 20 minutens seeing the message 'repairing repository' and then failure ..... What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance and kind regards,


      Aad Dijksman (Netherlands)