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    How to select the last date before an other date

    Jochem Willink



      I'm having difficulty trying to get the last date of an activity compared to a date in a other table.

      I have the following tables:


      Test_system_ATest_cycle_12018-01-01 12:08:09
      Test_system_ATest_cycle_42018-01-03 11:08:49
      Test_system_BTest_cycle_32018-01-02 16:16:09
      Test_system_ATest_cycle_22018-01-05 08:08:19
      Test_system_ATest_cycle_92018-01-06 20:18:09



      Test_system_Aconfig1a2018-01-01 08:08:09
      Test_system_Aconfig1b2018-01-05 20:08:09
      Test_system_Bconfig1a2018-01-01 10:08:09


      The report should show the number of test cycles have been performed on which system and configuration and when the last test cycle has been performed.

      The outcome should look like this:

      SystemConfigurationNbr of test cyclesLast test cycle performed
      Test_system_Aconfig1a32018-01-05 08:08:19
      Test_system_Aconfig1b12018-01-06 20:18:09
      Test_system_Bconfig1a12018-01-02 16:16:09


      Is there a sollution for this situation?