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    Qlik GeoAnalytics February 2018 released

    Patric Nordström

      GeoAnalytics February 2018 is now available for download. Note that if users upgrade to Sense February they should upgrade to GeoAnalytics February.


      Custom Themes and Sense colors in QGA

      The coloring has been upgraded so we now take full use of all Sense color functions. QGA works with custom color palettes from themes and master item colors in measure and dimensions. You don’t have to use a custom color expression to reuse colors in maps and charts anymore.

      Default map url

      The map url don’t need to be in the app, simplifies deployment moving apps from development to production with multiple map servers.


      More tile layers

      We can now use tile map services that don’t set a proper http header.


      And also some nice bug fixes: storytelling with multiple maps, FIPS support for federal customers, opacity correction for advanced popups.