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    tangled with aggr, firstSortedValue ...

    Dmitry Yudin

      Need some help with expression.

      I have a dataset of vendor price list in a form of following:

      ItemId, Vendor, PriceDate, Price (whole dataset see below)

      My app has one sheet and one table chart containing these four dimensions and some measures. They work fine.


      I'm having a headake trying to make a last needed expression.

      To define the best vendor price I need first to leave only records with Price > 0.

      Then I sholud define last PriceDate by ItemId and Vendor.

      Having done this I need to take min Price from all vendor prices and this Price is what i was looking for.

      Of course I have to show in chart name of Vendor and PriceDate.


      The problem is to make an expression showing PriceDate of the minimal vendor price, descripbed above.

      In my test case the correct answer is:

      A105Orange Inc2017-12-145.6
      B230Little U2017-11-1129.9


      The dataset:


      LOAD * INLINE [ItemId, Vendor, PriceDate, Price

      'A105','Little U',2017-01-07,0

      'B230','Little U',2017-11-11,29.9

      'A105','Orange Inc',2017-02-01,6.6

      'A105','Orange Inc',2017-03-02,7.5

      'A105','Orange Inc',2017-03-13,4.4

      'A105','Little U',2017-03-31,10.2

      'A105','Little U',2017-08-09,5.1

      'B230','Orange Inc',2017-04-16,0

      'B230','Orange Inc',2017-05-05,31.1

      'B230','Orange Inc',2017-05-08,40.2

      'A105','Orange Inc',2017-09-17,5.5

      'A105','Orange Inc',2017-10-11,4.9

      'B230','Orange Inc',2017-08-07,30.5

      'B230','Orange Inc',2017-08-15,35.5

      'A105','Little U',2017-10-18,0

      'B230','Little U',2017-05-08,0

      'B230','Little U',2017-10-24,35.6

      'B230','Little U',2017-06-30,0

      'B230','Orange Inc',2017-09-19,35.5

      'B230','Little U',2017-09-01,33.6

      'A105','Orange Inc',2017-12-14,5.6

      'B230','Orange Inc',2017-11-03,39.8

      'B230','Little U',2017-09-25,0

      'B230','Little U',2017-05-17,38.1

      'B230','Orange Inc',2017-11-09,32.4

      'A105','Little U',2017-12-25,11.5

      'B230','Little U',2017-04-10,14.8

      'B230','Orange Inc',2017-12-16,0